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  Within the territory of Krasnoyarsk Krai, 12 oil and gas regions of three oil and gas provinces – West Siberian, Khatanga-Vilyuisky, and Leno-tungusskaya, are located, in whole or in part, the Established recoverable resources of oil amount to 8.3 billion tons, natural gas-24.2 trillion. m3 and condensate – 1.6 bn. t
   Within the West Siberian province, five oil and gas fields were discovered in the region-Suzunskoye, Lodochnoye (oil - 43 million tons, gas -70 billion tons), Tagulskoye (oil-53 million tons, gas -37 billion tons), Vankorskoye (oil-125 million tons, gas -77 billion tons).
  On the territory of the Lena-Tunguska province has identified six oil fields at kuyumbinskoe (oil-515 MMT, gas -124 billion tons), Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoe(oil was 267 million tons, gas -534 billion tons), Omorinskoye, sobinski(oil-75 million t, gas -158 billion tons), Aginskoe (oil-20 million tons, gas to -8.8 billion tons)and Aleevski (gas -30 billion tons).
   Within the Khatanga-Vilyuy province are revealed gas Jargodzki, Winter, messoyakha, -, Habashi, Balakhna and condensate Derbinskoye, Kazantsevskaya, Sandanski, Lake, Pelyatka, North soleninskoe, Ushakovskoe field. It also installed Piasco, Ilim, Kozhevnikovskogo and Nordicski oil fields.
   In addition to several gas-condensate fields to ensure the needs of the Norilsk combine (messoyakha, Palatinae), extraction is carried out only on the oil Yurubchensky field in the Evenki.

    Currently, the construction of mini refineries for oil and condensate refining on site is widely used. In the Krasnoyarsk region built 4 of these plant – at kuyumbinskoe, Baginska, Yurubchenskoye fields refineries oil and in Dudinka mini oil refinery for processing condensate. In fact, however, there are only two – Baginski and Dudinskaya.

COALKrasnoyarsk Krai has about 40% of Russia's conditioned coal resources and almost 25% of explored reserves. The total coal reserves in the region amount to more than 4 trillion.T. They are concentrated in four coal basins – Taimyr, Tunguska and Kansko-Achinsk. Coal is 85%, brown – about 14%, anthracite – less than 1.4% of all coal reserves.

      Kansko-Achinsk basin is one of the largest in the world, located on the territory of Krasnoyarsk region (80%), Kemerovo and Irkutsk regions. Coal-bearing sediments of the basin are a great energy fuel, raw material for chemical industry, production of liquid motor and heating fuel, for producing synthetic fuel gas by underground gasification of him.

Kansko-Achinsk basin is the largest base of coal and chemical industry in Russia. Potential it capabilities allow us to produce 1 billion tons of coal per year. Huge coal resources (over 140 billion tons), along with favorable conditions for the development of an open method and a relatively low ash content (14%), allow us to consider this coal basin as the most promising fuel base for energy in Russia. 38% of all explored coal reserves in the country, suitable for open development, are concentrated here. Industrial uglinesses pool associated with Jurassic deposits.    The area of coal-bearing sediments is 60 km2. Extraction is carried out in 3 major and several minor coal mines. The total capacity of Borodino, Nazarovo and Berezovsky–1 sections is up to 100 million tons per year. Three small cuts-Pereyaslovsky, Balakhtinsky and Abansky supply fuel to rural areas. The Sayano-Partizanskoye Deposit of coal (reserves of 1 billion tons) is being prepared for industrial development.

   The Tunguska basin covers an area of about 1 million km2. For potential resources, it is the largest in the world, but its remote location in hard-to-reach areas has led to poor research, especially in the Northern part. Within the basin there are 48 known coal deposits, located at a great distance from each other. Kaierkanskii Deposit (Norilsk) (open mining). The mine provides coal to the Norilsk MMC and the surrounding villages. For local needs operated Kotui field (324 million tons). In Noginsk Deposit (6.4 million tons) planned to build a mine. On the southern outskirts of the Tunguska basin is kokuyskoye field (motyginsky district). It is developed in an open way.
   Taimyr coal basin is poorly studied. Revealed several deposits (Chernoyarskoe, Pasinski, Krestianskoye, Syrdasayscoe), but none of them explored in detail.