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     Currently Russia in terms of mining and production of antimony concentrates was ranked number 1 in the world after China. In Krasnoyarsk Krai the main antimony deposits are in the territory of the Yenisei ridge (the North Yenisei and motyginsky areas).

  Olympiadinskoye antimony Deposit has reserves of antimony 201 thousand tons, which is 40% of Russian reserves. Uderey gold-antimony has reserves of antimony of 38 thousand tons (with antimony content up to 10,5%). the majority of manifestations are characterized by increased gold content. Inferred resources Yenisei area of 60 thousand tons.

    SELENIUM AND TELLURIUM – are Produced simultaneously at the Oktyabrsky and Talnakh deposits in the Norilsk industrial district.

   NIOBIUM. Tatarskoye field of niobium. (Yenisei ridge.) Projected resources of niobium pentoxide 73 thousand tons at the content of niobium pentoxide 0,69%.

    The second largest – Chadobetskiy district, where there are unique Cuccumella rare metal mine. Resources of the Deposit-1357,0 thousand tons with the content of niobium pentoxide 1,13% (unique, but not resolved the issue of ore dressing, although it is the object of primary study).

    Niobium-rare earth are also available on the ore occurrence Kiya (85 km s-s-s from the town of Yeniseisk). There is no authorized inventory.

    BERYLLIUM AND LITHIUM deposits, are available on the Taimyr, Yenisei ridge, Konakovskoj, Belinskoe deposits, beryllium; Enashiminskoye field, Li; the East Sayan mountains are manifestations of the rainbow, Kasirsha and Okunevskoye rare metal Deposit(wollastonite to 1.5 million tons of beryllium - 7 kt).

Beryl. Ore Occurrence The Rainbow.

STRONTIUM – Wukitch field and Bolsheuluiskoe manifestation in Evenkia. Forecast resources strontium 31278 thousand tons, with an average content of strontium oxide 28%.