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Krasnoyarsk region is the oldest gold mining region of Siberia. The volume of gold mined in 1998 was 14% of the Russian total (second place after the Magadan region). After 2005, the annual gold production in the region exceeded 30 tons, which brought the region to the first place in Russia. On 01.01.97 in Krasnoyarsk Krai in industrial development there were 140 gold deposits (16 ore and 124 placer) 27 enterprises are involved. In this case, 6 gold mining companies, which provided 97% of metal production: CJSC "Polyus", JSC "Gold", too as "Angara", OSTAS "Severnaya", JSC "Severo-Angarskiy GOK", too as "Central".

  On the territory of the Krasnoyarsk region 305 of the identified fields and prospects of the manifestations of gold belonging to different genetic types. Of these, the actual indigenous gold ore 68, 3 complex, placer deposits-234.
Currently allocated 10 gold and gold-platinum-bearing provinces: Taimyr-Severozemelskaya, Norilsk (gold-platinum), Maimecha-Kotuy, Anabar and Western Evenki (potentially gold-platinum), the Yenisei, Eastern Sayan, the Kuznetsk Ulatowska, West Sayan (zoonomia), and South-Evenk (potentially auriferous).

   Potential native gold localized in the Yenisei (51.3% of the inventory and 79% of the resources of gold fields), Norilsk (38,5% of the stock of complex gold-platinum-copper-Nickel deposits), Eastern Sayan (3.2% reserves, 0.7% of resources), Western Sayan (about 3% of the reserves and 10.8% of the resources), the Kuznetsk Alatauski (about 3% of the reserves and 3.4% of the resources) in the future actual gold ore manifestations of Taimyr-Severozemelsky gold-bearing province (no stock, about 6.1% of the resources). Placer gold in the total balance of reserves and resources is 7% and 5%, respectively.

Taimyr-Severozemelskaya province is not studied enough, it contains more than 9% of the gold resources of the region. In the southern part of the Bolshevik island there are promising areas. Raw materials base of the province is estimated at 45-50 so the operation of the placers are OOO "Ruthenium" GGP TSAGRE, AOZT Severnaya Zemlya, JSC "Kularzoloto", JSC "Norilsk combine".

The Norilsk province. Gold and platinoids are concentrated in the complex sulfide copper-Nickel ores of the Norilsk deposits unique.
The Anabar and the Maimecha-Kotui province in the initial stage of the study. Within the Guli massif, the gold content to 25 g/t.


Yenisei province-mastered more than 160 years, retains a leading position.
Deposits of gold-quartz formation: the Soviet Aginskoe, Basil, Eldorado (average gold concentration of 5-9 g/t). Sulphide formation: Olimpiadinskoe, Veduginskoye, tyradinskoye.Deposits of formation of gold-bearing weathering crusts: Olympiadinskoye. Exogenous formations are represented by placer deposits and have been developed for more than 160 years. The bulk of the extracted metal in the region provided the valley placers. The metal content sometimes reaches 400-800 mg / m3.

In the Kuznetsk Alatauskiy province's four gold-producing district in which the following ore nodes: Carlinsky, Znamenitosti, kommunarovskaya, Balahtinskiy, Ribatski, Angelski and Bellykskoe. Ore objects of industrial importance belong to the gold-quartz formation. There is a significant potential of placers in the area.

The East Sayan province, one of the oldest in Siberia, the first placer gold was produced in 1830 At the beginning of the 19th century were opened olchowski, Gitlerovskoi, lower-Sisimskoj and, later, Constantine, a bear, II.
Gold–sulfide-quartz formation: Olchowski-Chibizhekskaya ore node (Constantine, Lysogorsky, bear, olkhovskoye field).
The gold-quartz formation: bottom-Sisimskoj, savinskoe field. Gold in quartz veins with content up to 200 g / t.

The industrial gold content of the Western Sayan province was determined in the last century, when the placers of the Mal rivers were discovered and operated., Environments'. and Pain. Qisas, Bol. and Small. Anzas, and in 1929 the Kirov gold Deposit was opened and operated. In subsequent years, renewed exploration for and exploitation of alluvial deposits that continue to the present time. The district has significant, but poorly studied prospects for ore gold (Kirovskoye and Malo-Shushenskoye deposits, Tatyana, Pokosnoe ore occurrences, etc.). ore objects), and also widespread alluvial gold-bearing. The metal content of the district is determined by the objects of gold-quartz and alluvial formations. The alluvial gold content of the Western Sayan province is revealed in the basins of many rivers, such as Mal. Arbot, Premacy, Citobi, was also installed nearby, Karasino, She, Karatas, etc.
Currently, the priority types of industrial deposits of native gold is gold - (olimpiadinsky GOK), integrated zolotorudnogo-Nickel (MMC Norilsk), gold-quartz (Sovetskoye mine Vasilyevsky mine), gold-bearing weathering crusts (crust Olimpiadinskoe ore deposits, olimpiadinsky GOK, GIC "Samson"), zolotushnye (JSC Artemovskoye gold mining company").

Significant gold potential associated with technogenic placers, tailings of gold-extracting factories (ZIF) and silicoorganic installations.
At the present level of annual production of gold in the region, the security of the gold mining industry reserves that will be indigenous gold – 70-90 years, placer 25-35 years, including for hydro extraction of 30-35 years, dredge for about 20 years.