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Immersion in the world of ancient animals - a kind of journey through time, which is clearly displayed on the poster "Spiral of evolution", with him and begins a fascinating tour. Moving along the spiral of time consistently, visitors gradually get acquainted with the evolution of the organic world from the very beginning – the most primitive forms of life that appeared on Earth 3,5-3,7 billion years ago in archaea (represented by unicellular forms of life) and to the times of emergence in the Quaternary period of man – the pinnacle of evolution of the organic world as a whole. The exhibition exhibits the remains of fossil animals that lived millions of years ago, collected by Museum staff in Siberia and beyond. Presents the beautiful bowls of ancient molluscs and brachiopods, belemnites rostra, popularly called "bloody fingers", amazing corals, and bones of ancient marine reptiles, and more.

The duration of the tour is 60 minutes.